Изменения в Camfrog Video Chat

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Версия 6.14.584 (12/29/16)

  • - Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Версия 6.11.576 (12/07/16)

  • - Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Версия 6.11.566 (10/12/16)

  • - Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Версия 6.11.555 (09/07/16)

  • - Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Версия 6.11.554 (08/24/16)

  • - Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Версия 6.11.549 (05/20/16)

  • - Virtual Gift button now appears in all IMs and Chat Rooms.
  • - Security and bug fixes.

Версия 6.11.511 (12/15/15)

  • - Updated Virtual Gift notifications.

Версия 6.11.505 (08/06/15)

  • - A few bug fixes, including fixes for some Virtual Gift notifications in IM windows, chat history, and other various notifications.
  • - Updated support for Windows 10.

Версия 6.11.492 (07/15/15)

  • - Fixed support for Windows 10.
  • - Various bug fixes.

Версия 6.11.486 (06/30/15)

  • - Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Версия 6.11.480 (05/22/15)

  • - New: Camfrog Gold, with all the benefits of Extreme, plus:
    • Join 5 rooms at a time
    • Send 25 VIP messages per month
    • Change your nickname once a month
    • An elite GOLD nickname
  • - Improved virtual gift notifications, including special notifications for bigger gifts.
  • - New, faster login support for seamless signon experience.
  • - Improved connectivity, to help prevent accidental logouts or disconnections.

Версия 6.10.454 (02/17/15)

  • - New VIP Messaging for Extreme subscribers.
  • - Customizable instant message background.
  • - New IM window design with message bubbles.
  • - Updated Room Browser design.

Версия 6.9.437 (01/22/15)

  • - Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Версия 6.9.418 (12/08/14)

  • - Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Версия 6.9.414 (12/01/14)

  • - Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Версия 6.9.413 (11/21/14)

  • - Extreme users can now change their nickname, and even have spaces and other characters.
  • - Extreme users can type /pop in-room to automatically open the most popular webcams.
  • - Updated, easier to see notifications and alert sounds.
  • - Various design enhancements and bug fixes.

Версия 6.8.398 (10/13/14)

  • - Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Версия 6.8.391 (09/17/14)

  • - Bug fixes.

Версия 6.8.387 (09/11/14)

  • - New Camfrog Extreme Support.
  • - New Custom Animated Emoticons.
  • - Added ability to sort sticker packs.
  • - Added ability to automatically view most popular webcams.
  • - New "Report Webcam" flag to report inappropriate webcams to room moderators.
  • - Various interface updates.
  • - Bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Версия 6.7.356 (04/28/14)

  • - Fully re-designed Rooms Browser - Now browse by rooms that are near you, that are the most popular, have the most webcams, are favorited the most, or browse by interest tags!
  • - Stickers can now be used in Instant Messages - Express yourself using stickers and have more fun.
  • - Enhanced privacy - Now you can combine Privacy mode with Online, Away, Busy, Invisible
  • - Change behavior of YouTube in chat rooms - You can now hide the video window and restore it
  • - Various bug fixes and enhancements

Версия 6.6.336 (12/20/13)

  • - Share a YouTube video in your room and let everyone watch it with you.
  • - Multiple bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Версия 6.6.320 (11/18/13)

  • - Added Special Gift support.
  • - Chat with Facebook friends with your existing nick.
  • - Updated IM catcher.
  • - Added support for fun stickers.
  • - New colored nicknames.
  • - Various bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Версия 6.5.300 (07/11/13)

  • - Filter nicknames by custom names.
  • - Auto-adjust contact list size.
  • - Dedicated volume slider for Camfrog sounds.
  • - Added buddy's local time in IM window.

Версия 6.5.293 (06/26/13)

  • - Facebook instant messaging.

Версия 6.5.285 (06/06/13)

  • - New and updated language packs.
  • - Many bugfixes, and stability enhancements.

Версия 6.5.270 (04/25/13)

  • - New Flash-based animated room gifts.
  • - Store contacts’ custom names and groups on the server so they’re available when you login from another computer.
  • - Removed VoIP controls.

Версия 6.4.258 (03/07/13)

  • - Various bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Версия 6.4.253 (12/26/12)

  • - Facebook Signup and Login.
  • - Offline messaging.
  • - 720p HD video calls.
  • - Support for Camfrog Coins and achievement levels.
  • - Extended Pond settings.

Версия 6.3.223 (10/10/12)

  • - Miscellaneous stability enhancements.

Версия 6.3.218 (09/27/12)

  • - New Pond invite buttons.
  • - Various bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Версия 6.3.208 (08/07/12)

  • - Ponds - Private group video chat with up to 3 people for FREE members and up to 8 people for PRO users.
  • - Games - Video chat with friends while playing games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Four-In-A-Row.
  • - HD photo and video snapshots.
  • - Import/export Chat Log history.
  • - Better Acoustic Echo Cancellation for P2P/phone calls.

Версия 6.2.192 (05/28/12)

  • - Updated language packs.
  • - Various bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Версия 6.2.182 (04/03/12)

  • - Call phones all around the world directly from Camfrog.
  • - Send and receive SMS.
  • - Operator tools to facilitate chat room management for room owners.
  • - Group operations in the contact list.
  • - Send a bug report from Help menu.

Версия 6.1.156 (12/27/11)

  • - Miscellaneous stability enhancements.

Версия 6.1.151 (10/17/11)

  • - Fixed Ctrl-A for room input box.
  • - Updated language packs.
  • - Various bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Версия 6.1.146 (08/21/11)

  • - IM History and the IM Catcher are now available for free Camfrog users. We have fixed a bug that caused IM history to disappear for some users.
  • - Right click a remote video window and choose "Close all remote video windows but this one".
  • - Users can now clear their nickname login list.
  • - Numerous bug fixes and improvements.

Версия 6.1.138 (07/13/11)

  • - Fixed a problem where the user directory button would sometimes not work.
  • - Fixed miscellaneous bugs reported by users.

Версия 6.1.136 (07/07/11)

  • - The top 5 most gifted users now get special icons.
  • - Customizable hot keys.
  • - Newly redesigned history system and user interface that includes instant search.
  • - Right click the Camfrog icon in the Windows 7 task bar to change your status.
  • - Performance increases and faster startup time.
  • - Virus check of downloads using your own installed antivirus software.
  • - Miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

Версия 6.0.111 (06/09/11)

  • - Fixes a problem that was causing some users to have choppy audio in rooms.

Версия 6.0.110 (06/03/11)

  • - Stability enhancements and several minor bug fixes.

Версия 6.0.108 (05/19/11)

  • - Fixed a problem some users were having with audio in rooms and one-on-one.
  • - Stability enhancements and several minor bug fixes.

Версия 6.0.100 (04/27/11)

  • - Fixed a problem where snapshots would sometimes not work correctly.
  • - Changes were made to the audio system to avoid choppy audio problems some users were experiencing.
  • - Click a nickname in the chat room text area to view user video, new languages were added including Bosnian, Blugarian, Czech, Croatian, Indonesian, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, and Serbian.
  • - It's now possible to hide the "Create Room" tab if you're a Pro user. Go to "Settings" then "IM & Chat" and then "Show Create Room".
  • - Add Contact is now directly under the Camfrog menu for easier access.

Версия 6.0.92 (03/29/11)

  • - Fixed a problem where user age/sex did not appear on mouse-over in rooms.
  • - Added up to date language packs for Arabic and Chinese.
  • - Fixed a bug where old IM messages would sometimes disappear.
  • - Room list speed optimization, Polish keyboard fixes, plus many other enhancements and bug fixes.

Версия 6.0.80 (03/03/11)

  • - Fixed several bugs and known crashes along with a memory leak.
  • - Press the Enter key in the user room list to open videos similar to 5.X clients.
  • - New language packs included.
  • - Room user list sorting is now much faster.

Версия 6.0.77 (02/24/11)

  • - Uses significantly less CPU resources.
  • - Fixes memory leaks that appeared for some users while in a video chat room.
  • - Customizable bot fonts.

Версия 6.0.75 (02/18/11)

  • - Customizable fonts and colors.
  • - New Camfrog menu at the top left of the user interface.
  • - Favorite room tab in the contact list.
  • - Visible users, hidden users, and lurkers groups are added to the room user lists.
  • - If you are logged on to Camfrog client and go to our website you will be automatically logged on.
  • - The "Invite a friend to this room" feature is back.
  • - Smaller ad banners.
  • - New smaller notifications in IM windows.

Версия 6.0.49 (12/28/10)

  • - Completely redesigned and simplified UI.
  • - 8 predefined basic skins.
  • - Integrated chatroom window.
  • - Combined file transfer window.
  • - New registration dialog.
  • - Simplified settings window.
  • - Fullscreen video / Picture-in-picture.
  • - Video/audio snapshots recording and playback.
  • - Improved video codec.
  • - HD video support in p2p calls.
  • - Audio echo cancellation.
  • - New room audio modes / scalable text-over-video (with support in the next 4.5 and 5.1 servers release).
  • - Support for certificates system - extended privacy.
  • - Support for chatroom connection servers.
  • - Support for distributed media servers.

Версия 5.5.242 (12/19/10)

  • - Bug fixes.
  • - Video quality improvements.

Версия 5.5.241 (07/27/10)

  • - New Installer.
  • - Stability and bug fixes.
  • - More efficient logon to Camfrog.

Версия 5.5.238 (05/12/10)

  • - Fixed display problem with internal ads.
  • - Stability and bug fixes.

Версия 5.5.236 (03/17/10)

  • - New video streaming technology will increase video quality and lower CPU usage.
  • - Stability and bug fixes.

Версия 5.4.231 (12/24/09)

  • - Solved a problem where some users were unable to video chat one on one using our new video technology.

Версия 5.4.228 (12/23/09)

  • - New video streaming technology will increase video quality and lower CPU usage.
  • - Stability and bug fixes.

Версия 5.3.224 (10/14/09)

  • - Pro users can remove ads from the internal video chat room list.
  • - New Green Diamond virtual gift.
  • - New dialog for email address change adds increased security.
  • - Password limitation length minimum is now 6 characters.
  • - Fixed several crashes some users were experiencing.

Версия 5.3.215 (06/19/09)

  • - Type @nickname to link to a user profile.
  • - User custom status was lengthened.
  • - Tooltips for room names in the contact list were added.
  • - Miscellaneous fixes and stability enhancements.

Версия 5.3.208 (05/28/09)

  • - Fixed an audio problem some Camfrog users were having.

Версия 5.3.206 (05/14/09)

  • - Buy virtual gifts for rooms. Now you can give rooms virtual gifts. The top 3 rooms with the most gifts in any category appear at the top of the list. The internal video chat room list has been completely redesigned.
  • - Mouse over remote or local video windows to see the new cool video rendering system control icons. Just mouse over a remote video window and press the “IM” icon to send the user an instant message.
  • - Birthday Notifications. Users who have a birthday today have a fun hat icon next to their nickname. Buy your friend a birthday virtual gift by clicking on the hat icon.
  • - The file transfer system has been improved where file transfers are faster and it’s now possible to send larger files and several files simultaneously. This new system is not compatible with older Версияs of Camfrog. New security upgrades have also been added to the file transfer system.
  • - One “Call” button. Call to go into audio mode, then press “Start Video” to start your video if you wish to do so. You can go into your settings to make video start every time in one-on-one calls.
  • - Teen Safety upgrades including a new foul language filter. Go to your settings to add bad words to the bad words list.
  • - New hyperlink security upgrades for instant messages and rooms.
  • - IM history is now on by default for all users. You can now also search your IM history. IM History is now encrypted.
  • - Bots in your contact list now have a bot icon instead of a user icon. Bots can now receive virtual gifts and receive gift points.
  • - 18+ rooms in your contact list now say (18+) next to them.

Версия 5.2.169 (01/05/09)

  • - Video chat privately with a friend to test out the new audio and video synchronization. Please note the new client private video chat is incompatible with the old Версия, so to test this the person you are testing with also needs the new Версия.
  • - Pause your video in a chat room and you are now broadcasting a frozen video frame instead of just a blank white video window. To test this join a video chat room, then pause your local video window. If the person you are viewing is paused and using this new Версия then you can see their still frozen video frame too.
  • - From your contact list go to the actions/settings menus, then choose "video" to change your default video window sizes to "small" if you prefer. Many users requested that they wanted to be able to choose small sized video windows in rooms as default with the webcam auto-organizer. Now you can do this with the new Версия. You can also disable the webcam auto-organizer and turn on "Sticky Video Windows" if you prefer the old Camfrog 3.X video window style.
  • - Video Chatting one-on-one should now work 100% of the time with the new Версия. The old client Версияs could rarely fail in extreme circumstances, but after a lot of hard work we have figured out how to make this Версия 100% reliable. If you find your private video chat is still failing somehow and both users are using this new beta please let us know so we can investigate.
  • - If you are a free user you'll notice when you join a room your remote video windows are now small even if the room is in "recommended" or "super" mode. Don't worry, you can still view large video. Mouse over the remote video window and press the enlarge icon to make the remote video window large again. We made this change so users with small screens can choose to see others with small video windows to save screen real estate.
  • - Join a video chat room and right click your local video window to "resize all windows" simultaneously.
  • - Go to the "view" menu in the chat room window to choose to "highlight friends". If "highlight friends" is activated and one of your friends from your profile is in a room his or her name will then be highlighted.
  • - New language packs is added: Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional.
  • - A lot of miscellaneous stability and efficiency enhancements.

Версия 5.1.129 (09/08/08)

  • - Stability enhancements and usability fixes.

Версия 5.1.123 (07/02/08)

  • - Stability enhancements and usability fixes.
  • - You can now see who you have already viewed in the chat room by mousing over their nickname. Users who have a magenta link instead of the default blue are users who you have already viewed.
  • - Choose your preferred language during installation.

Версия 5.0.111 (04/28/08)

  • - New super quality high-resolution video for chat rooms and point-to-point chat! Room owners can set their rooms to Classic video size, the new larger Recommended video, or Super high resolution video.
  • - Camfrog now comes with English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Turkish language packs.
  • - Additional Language Pack support is also added, so we hope you will add your own language if it's not available yet.
  • - Give Virtual Gifts to your buddies, friends and mysterious strangers you want to get attention of.
  • - Lots of interface and usability improvements overall.

Версия 4.1.82 (02/07/08)

  • - Lurkers users group added to the video chat rooms list. Lurkers are users with no webcams or with paused video.
  • - The Camfrog Pro webcam organizer now support different organization modes like horizontal or vertical and multiple monitor configurations.
  • - Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements.

Версия 4.0.61 (12/18/07)

  • - Video windows made easier to read user nicknames due to user requests.
  • - Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements.

Версия 4.0 (11/30/07)

  • - New easier to use interface for Camfrog free and Pro Версияs. The free Версия of Camfrog now has video embedded in the chat window.
  • - Pro users now have their webcam windows auto-organized for efficient viewing. To deactivate this feature go to settings/video.
  • - Rename Contacts. Right click a nickname in your contact list to rename them to something that's easier to remember.
  • - When connecting one on one you can choose to use video only, or audio only, or both simultaneously.
  • - Tabbed IM. Keep all instant messages in one tabbed IM window. To activate this feature go to your settings/general and click "use tabbed IM windows".
  • - Dynamic Video/Audio source changing. Change your Video/Audio source while using your video without having to disconnect from a room or p2p chat session.
  • - Right click your contact list to use large icons.

Версия 3.94 (08/13/07)

  • - Go to your status menu and choose "Custom" to make a custom status.
  • - Karma is removed and replaced with "Bad Feedback". If someone is sending an inappropriate message block their IM by pressing the "Block" button and press "OK" to give them bad feedback. If a user has a lot of bad feedback they cannot message you for awhile.
  • - Miscellaneous upgrades and enhancements.

Версия 3.93 (07/06/07)

  • - Multiple stability enhancements.
  • - Get free and cheap phone calls with Jajah.com.

Версия 3.92 (05/18/07)

  • - Multiple stability enhancements.
  • - User interface compatibility updates.

Версия 3.91 (04/06/07)

  • - Multimedia upgraded to maximize compatibility with all systems.
  • - Some usability upgrades.
  • - Parental controls now turned on by default for users 13-15 years of age.
  • - Users 13-15 do not have user profiles.

Версия 3.9 (03/05/07)

  • - Pando file exchange integrated. Sharing files is now much easier.
  • - Go to your settings and choose "privacy" to see controls for Camfrog’s new social feature. To make your profile private or to block strangers from seeing your friends be sure and activate these settings before the social features become available next week.
  • - Right click your local video window and choose "Camfrog Eyes" to see a fun video effect powered by Manycam.com.
  • - Camfrog now supports Unicode. To use this functionality make sure you are talking with another 3.9 user and you are in a room with the new Camfrog Server Версия.
  • - Security links enabled in instant messages and chat rooms. If you click a link inside Camfrog you may see a warning.
  • - Miscellaneous multimedia updates.
  • - Miscellaneous stability and security enhancements.

Версия 3.81 (12/20/06)

  • - New parental controls and internal chat room filter.
  • - "Connect to Chat Room" shortcut is changed from Ctrl+C to Ctrl+R.
  • - Some users have privacy status on by default when they first use Camfrog.
  • - When signing on and off your Camfrog status is now remembered.
  • - Now you can display the last (10-20) messages with a person in your IM window. This can be turned on in your settings but it is off by default. This setting is under "Privacy and Safety".
  • - You can now clear your room history separate from your call history in settings.
  • - Miscellaneous stability enhancements.

Версия 3.80 (11/09/06)

  • - Simultaneous one-on-one and chat room videoconferencing.
    Now you can connect one-on-one while in a chat room.
  • - Sort females and males separately in room user lists.
    Go to the "view" menu in the chat room window and choose "sorting" to try it.
  • - Animated emoticons. These can be disabled in the settings window.
  • - Video loads faster when viewing multiple webcams.
  • - Camcorders should now work with Camfrog.
  • - Various user interface, stability, and security upgrades.

Версия 3.72 (07/03/06)

  • - New multimedia for faster video and higher quality audio.
  • - No more "ghost" video images caused by network problems.
  • - Faster disconnects from video chat rooms.
  • - Video loads faster when viewing multiple webcams.

Версия 3.7 (04/25/06)

  • - Video Chat Rooms now listed in different geographic zones.
  • - Click the nickname of the user speaking on microphone to view their webcam.
  • - Multiple stability and efficiency updates.
  • - Internal Video Chat Room List user interface enhancements.
  • - New instant messages no longer continually flash in the toolbar.

Версия 3.6 (12/21/05)

  • - The Camfrog list of contacts now loads faster.
  • - The default video size for one on one connections now has a smaller default resolution for higher quality video.
  • - The "join" Camfrog room at startup window is now removed for new users, but a suggestion appears in their contact list.
  • - Large video windows are for Pro users only.

Версия 3.5 (12/12/05)

  • - Large one-on-one connection video windows for high-quality video chat. Go to settings/video to choose what resolution you broadcast for one-on-one connections.
  • - The contact list now supports groups. Right click the contact list to add/remove groups and drag and drop users into different groups.
  • - Go to your contact list "view" menu to avoid viewing offline users in your contact list.
  • - The "IM Catcher" feature was moved under the "view" menu in the contact list for Pro users.
  • - The user list freezes during mouse-over for easy clicking. To stop the user list from freezing move your mouse away from the user list.
  • - Pro users have bold nicknames in rooms.
  • - Easily resize a video window by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner.
  • - New audio and video enhancements. Go to settings/video or settings/audio to view. Users can now choose an audio playback device.
  • - Join and leave notifications and sounds are off by default for all new users.
  • - Go to the view menu in the chat room window to sort the user list in order of room visit instead of alphabetically.
  • - Advertisement banners removed for free users and replaced with removable notifications. Go to settings/privacy and safety and uncheck "show information bar" to avoid seeing these notifications.
  • - The chat window shows the current number of users in a room at the bottom left.
  • - Usability changes for the internal video chat room list so it's easier to use and new contextual advertisements.
  • - Camfrog now comes with free Desktop Weather software from The Weather Channel as new special offer for Camfrog users only. Desktop Weather allows you to check your local weather from your desktop. Uncheck during installation to opt-out. This software contains no spyware/adware.
  • - Free users can now change status and view large video windows.
  • - Dozens of enhancements were made to make Camfrog more efficient.
  • - New users see a link that links to a guide to using the privacy feature after receiving their first instant message.

Версия 3.4 (08/23/05)

  • - Pro users can go to the "actions" menu to locate what room a user is in.
  • - New higher quality and more colorful video!
  • - GUI enhancements.

Версия 3.2 (03/23/05)

  • - With Версия 3.2 users can now change their Camfrog status to "privacy" to avoid instant messages from other users not on their contact list.

Версия 3.1 (02/10/05)

  • - Camfrog 3.1 now allows users to send files, send photo snapshots, plus many new GUI enhancements.

Версия 2.5 (02/24/04)

  • - Camfrog now works with most webcams and microphones.
  • - Usability enhancements.
  • - GUI enhancements.
  • - Bug fixes.

Версия 2.3 Beta (12/25/03)

  • - Camfrog now works behind all firewall, routers, and wireless networks.
  • - A new codec allows much higher video and audio quality.
  • - Usability changes and enhancements.
  • - A new auto-connect feature asks you to join the Camfrog Video Chat Room on startup.
  • - Some reported bugs have been fixed.

Версия 1.2.1 (10/31/03)

  • - NAT traversal enhancement (Works better behind a router or wireless network).
  • - Microsoft Windows XP built-in firewall support.
  • - Usability changes and enhancements.
  • - Some reported bugs have been fixed.

Версия 1.1.0 (10/09/03)

  • - Chat room connect/reconnect bug fixed. Can cause a access violation in Camfrog Client.
  • - Added automatically "show wizard on first startup".
  • - Added option "auto start on startup" into the installer (checked by default).
  • - Auto-reconnect to the selected chat room (clicking on the links on the web) without a "You are already connected" message.
  • - Some misspellings fixed.
  • - Male/female icon for unknown users bug fixed.
  • - Some installer changes.
  • - Talking mode keyboard input focus lost fixed.
  • - Talking indication added.
  • - Click name to view under "Hidden users" added.
  • - Chat delay in video chat room removed.
  • - Added new IM window appearance logic.
  • - Ignore list parsing error fixed.

Версия 1.0.1 (10/01/03)

  • - First launch version.